We need your advice about the charts in our BUX Zero app!

Dear Buxers,

We have a question about our BUX Zero app. If you had a magic wand to change or add anything to the charts shown on the product page, what would that be? (5 years charts have been rolled out for all the products that have the data available, so you can consider that done :wink: )

A feature on the charts that you can select a certain point on it (such as a high or a low) which will show you the date where it was reached and also the amount that goes with it.

That point should then be able to be dragged and moved around te chart where every high or low can be seen with date/value.

Might come in handy to see when and where something dropped or skyrocketed so new investers can learn to analyze when something happended and can found out why most importantly.:thinking:


With my magic wand for easy changes I’ll add a 2Y chart, because I want to easily check pre-covid worth for stocks that don’t have a 5Y chart.

With my heavy duty magic wand I’ll add the possibility to change the chart from linear to (weekly) candles.

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Hmmmm, do you really need us for that? :smirk:
Just take a look at other popular apps, like Investing. In general their app has (almost) everything a user could wish for. Also their charts are very useful.


I would, as fast as possible, add a chart showing both the historical dividend yield (in % compared to the stock price) as well as the historical Payout ratio so one can easier identify good buying opportunities.


It would be nice if you could download your historical portfolio data. This way you can analys it using excel or python.

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A big event calender attached to the app/chart would be nice. Just one for each month, where you can see a take over, merges and most importantly the dates on which the results are presented.

@Stevan sometimes shows it in his broadcast on Youtube but i would like to be able to see it in the app, if not for Stevan i would never find out the dates on which stuff happens.


I would very much like the ticker symbol to be present in the “info” section. This way I can verify that I’m actually buying what I think I’m buying.


I find the current charts too basic. Like @Cashcow mentions, I’d like to see more advanced chart options like other apps offer (timeframes, candle charts, some basic TA like RSI/MACD/MA’s).


Agreed, especially the timeframes. The max right now is 5 years, but for some stocks 5 years still doesn’t say much. Take certain commodities like gold for example, those have cycles of approximately 7 years. The last 5 years don’t tell you that much in that case.

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Correct. And I can only cover a handful of names. So a comprehensive in-app calendar would be great.


this tbh and everything is smooth sailing, this is my first app where i’m seriously investing (beginner) and you guys are doing a great job!

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Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy using our app :sunglasses:

The graphs are way to steep, a small price difference looks so much too intense, not necessary.

This is spot on what I mean

Schermafbeelding 2021-05-05 om 14.00.38 Schermafbeelding 2021-05-05 om 14.28.46

Refresh time is sometimes long, indicating the horizontal line at the end of the graph… several minutes no updates of the indicated rate at the moment…

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