We need your feedback on our next earnings season content!

Hi all,

My name is Angelika and I’m the Content Lead at BUX. Some of you may have already seen me presenting the German BUX Börsenausblick but my team is also responsible for the cool content that you can see on our (social) channels and inside the app.

The last earnings season has just ended and our in-house team did their absolute best to provide everyone with useful content around this exciting period.

Here are some articles that we’ve created:

And of course our Broadcasts with @Stevan and me where we also focus on certain companies :slight_smile:

The next season starts in January and we would like to know what kind of content is most valuable to you.

What did you guys like about the content we did in the past? What do you want us to continue? Are there any companies you are particularly interested in?

And if you have some amazing content ideas please let us know.

Thanks a lot :smiley:


Where to begin!

I loved to be in a video for the first thing. Would definitly do it again (wink wink :wink::wink:).

I think a lot of educational things like the basics (such as “what are ETF’s”) have been mentioned already. Therefore do not need to be repeated. For every new person to be able to find it i suggest some sort of library where you can search for terms and by subject.

What i would like to see more is

  1. Interviews with people who are from the investing world, such as Mr Rozemuller from VanEck.
  2. Interviews with investors who are in the financial sector, like bankers or people who work at the beurs van Berlage. How do they look at investing?
  3. Vlogs from a BUXfluencer, the BUXfluencer should attend meetings and events which are relating to investing. So we can see it from another perspective, see events we ourselves don’t attend and to be more interactive with the crowd.

I spoke with @Stevan once i was at the BUX office and we both mentioned that you need more innovation and fresh content to keep the crowd entertained. Lets be honest, we do not see Stevan doing BUX Broadcast for another 10 years. Not because we dont love him (we do :heart::heart::heart:) and also not because of the content but just because the standard terms and subjects will eventually run out. Only having a calender to see the dates presentations are held by companies won’t make a weekly channel suitable to run for that long.

So i would propose to find a fresh way of sharing info. Maybe share links from websites or books about lets say Warren Buffet. See and share what is happening as of right now and not from a week ago. Maybe find a BUX vlogger or a team. Maybe something for @Fergus and @Stevan to do together? Something like:

“Eyooo, Fergus and Steef here live from The Beleggersfair 2025 in Amsterdam!”. —> maybe an idea.

Also as last thing then i shall shut up.

I would like to see more about foreign (other than Dutch) countries! Streams from Brittain, stocks from Russia etc. More differce information sharing about the world of stocks worldwide.

Last but not least (the second last one i know) we read BUX is in other countries now but… Where are they on this community forum? Why can i not chat with Estaban Julio Montaya Dellarossa de Ramirez (the fans get it) from spain? Maybe try to connect us as fans to other countries and give us a role within the expantion of BUX in Europe.

I hope this is enough and not to much :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:.

If you have questions email me :

Or contact me through here or through Fergus, since he has my number.


Sluit ik me helemaal bij aan @Cobalt


I would personally love to see more things about Crypto. Especially now that the integration is coming close, and Crypto will merge with zero!

Somethings that might be interesting:

  • Deepdives into some of the specific projects/coins you offer on Bux crypto.

  • More general things for people who are new to crypto and want some information about it!

  • A Crypto news letter once every week / month, with some interesting news about the sector.

( P.S. I see the crypto episode is still the most popular Bux broadcast in terms of views on Bux’s youtube channel and I know the Bux Telegram also has many crypto enthusiast, so I’m sure some of them would like crypto coverage as well! :grin:)


Hi @Mixer Mixer, thanks for your feedback! We are indeed working on content like that, so cool that we are on the right track there. We will keep you posted when we have something to share, and of course would love your feedback on that, too.
Cheers, Ange


Thanks for the that extensive list, @Cobalt :smiley:
Some great ideas and food for thoughts there! And ja, would also love some more international flair.
So for sure not too much feedback :slight_smile:
BUT: Any more feedback for the earnings season in particular? :grin: If you guys liked the content, that would be great to know :pray:


Hi @Ange_BUX !

I spoke in a videocall with fergus today about even more possible things to do later on.

Earnings season is great so far! Maybe an idea to talk about what earnings can do for a stock. Good numbers sometimes cause a fall while with others it makes for an increase! Good for new people to know how that can work.

Furthermore maybe a brief analysis about the company itself, why maybe the new earnings could be very important to a stock.

So in short, what the influence is with earnings on stocks. Also an analysis about the company and what the company does in relation with other players within the market…

Hope this adds up :sweat_smile: