We need your feedback on the Investment Plan/ Beleggingsplan/Spaarplan

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

As most of you have already seen, we launched our investment plan a couple of weeks ago. We really wanna know your thoughts on this new feature!

Sharing your feedback would help us improve the feature and make BUX Zero better.

If you want to learn more about investing at regular intervals, check out our blog post!


I was just wondering if there are any plans to give the option for opening a pension account/bank savings account with any of your investors or partners like De Giro offer. This would give clients the option and ability to take advantage of any tax benefit they may have such as annual space or annual reserve (jaarruimte/reserveringsruimte).



I did make a plan. Five days before executing I receive a message to make sure I have enough funds to execute and if I want to deposit. I thought Bux would simply take the money from my bank account on the set date and execute the plan. No further action required by me. Now I do have to deposit every month which is almost the same I did before. Therefore I removed the plan because it’s pretty much the same I already do. My feedback would be to try to make the execution of the plan fully automated. Or least give that option.




Dit plan dat jij omschrijft. Kunnen zij nooit uitvoeren. BUX is namelijk niet gelegaliseerd en dat zal het ook nooit worden … om zo uit het niets geld vanuit je bankrekening te plukken (maar goed ook)
Dit is namelijk schending op de wet van de privacy & andere rand zaken.

Als jij dit plan zorgvuldig wilt gebruiken, denk ik dat het slim is om dat geld opzij te zetten. Mijn plan bestaat uit 2 etfs s&p 500 en all world ETF dit brengt mijn geschatte kosten op zo’n 136 euro p.m.
Ik houd dit geld expres vrij voor de ETFs die ik graag wil. Verder zet ik gewoon extra geld op mijn account om mijn aandelen die ik nu bezit gewoon iedere maand bij te kopen.

Je kan geloof ik ook je plan voor een maand uitzetten dat ik had begrepen. Misschien is dat een idee?



Als ik je goed heb begrepen in ieder geval :sweat_smile::grin:


can’t you set an automatic bank transfer to bux each month? Shouldn’t take more than 2 min


Hi Fergus,

Currently you can choose a variety of etfs for the plan, but why can’t we choose a multiple of a single ETF?

Hey @Sem, nice to see some familiar faces on our BUX Community Forum, welcome! :smiley:

Yes, you can choose multiple of a single ETF. For example, when you are planning on buying the All-World Dividend ETF (Vanguard) with a current value of 59,72 euro, you click on the amount and multiply it to 120 euros. Now you’re buying 2 shares of the same ETF. The money that we are not using stays in your account (or will be used to cover growth if a share grows to 60 for example).

Here’s a screenshot

Please let me know if you have more questions we can answer! :sunglasses:

Haha yes, good running into you this way!

And that clears it up! Although it wasn’t clear from the get-go, so maybe some UX tweaks are in order. :wink:


Hallo, there is one issue with tge plan and that is that is you build your plan out of some single Etf’s it happens that one or more don’t get processed. This seems a known issue but it isn’t corresponded about. The advice from Bux then is to place a zero order, which then for the same reason is not carried out. The only way to get it proccessed is to make a market order at €1 charge.

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Hi @Cor66, thank you for reporting this issue! We are currently working on a fix that should improve execution. To get a better chance that your Zero Order will get executed is when you change the amount assigned to the plan a bit higher.

I will let you know when we have fixed this issue! :smiley:

Hi Fergus, thanks.

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BUX is gewoon gelegaliseerd, anders zouden ze geen business mogen doen in Nederland
En in principe kan ieder bedrijf een automatische incasso instellen met jouw toestemming
Dus het zou heel nice zijn als BUX dat ook zou ondersteunen


I completely agree
It took me a couple of months to figure out as well, and I just stumbled upon it by accident
So some UI tweaks could be helpful indeed

I had that happen this week as well
Setting the price limit higher doesn’t work, since I have already increased the price limit for each ETF and it still got cancelled
In my case, the price limit was more than €5 above the execution price, but it still got cancelled
The notification mentioned that it was due to volatility, however, volatility is natural in stocks and etfs, and the etf never got above my price limit that day

Honestly, I really love the investment plan feature
However, I do think there are some things that can be improved:

  1. It would be great if we could add individual stocks to it as well

  2. It would also be really great to be able to create multiple plans, so you can have for example one plan to invest bi-weekly, one monthly, one that invests every two months etc.

  3. This doesn’t have too much to do with the investment plan, but more of a general thing
    I think it would be great to have multiple ‘spaces’ in your account, to keep the different sides of trading seperate
    BUX X had a tab for trading and a tab for investing, and I think it would great to add such a feature to BUX Zero as well
    So you can seperate your long and short term investments for example


@Stijnvi thank you very much for your feedback! Pretty cool suggestions and welcome to our BUX Community Forum! :smiley:


Ja je hebt gelijk zij zijn ook gelegaliseerd.
Ik dacht alleen dat zij niet zo maar geld vanuit jou mogen overschrijven (zonder jouw toestemming) vandaar mijn antwoord ! :blush::+1:

The investment plan would be nice if the €1 fee was lower or if we had the zero buy order. Also it would be nice if the plan can be fully automatic and the exact amount could be withdrawaled directly from the bank account without need for top up

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I agree with the automatic withdrawal
But I think the €1 fee is pretty decent
Most of the time, the invest plan will be used for investments of multiple hundreds of euros, so €1 isn’t much
Besides, you can always execute all the orders yourself for €0
Since BUX is already offering something for €0, I think it’s fair enough to charge €1 for the convenience of the investment plan