We need your help for a report about investing! 🙌🏽

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

We are currently writing a report about the investing behaviors of the nextgen investor.

We are very curious to hear from you about your views on investing, your approach, and what you wish you knew more about. We’d like to invite you for a short interview! :hugs:

Please send me an email if you are interested in participating in our report: fergus.knies@getbux.com





In which way do you mean contributing on the report… ? Just have an insight and give feedback or full day of work?

Also what you get in return? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a couple of interview questions I want to ask during a call about your investing vision!

Let me talk to @Stevan I think we can send you something fun! :wink:


Then mail me big guy :stuck_out_tongue: fboesveld@hotmail.com. tommorow between 13:00 and 15:30 i have time for an online chat :+1:

Otherwise after my 7 day vacation.

Does it have to be on camera or just on mail?

Because I have to work every day & I don’t have much time to sit back and be on screen😅

But I would be a part of it, if that is possible :grin:

@Cobalt haha, you are right! Maybe a nice mug to drink!


Yes per mail is also fine by me!

Hey guys thank you for the nice reactions :clap:t5:

This time we prefer to do it over a call (through phone is totally fine) so I can record our conversation which helps me with writing out all of the answers. Your name won’t show up in the report due to privacy reasons. It will take like 15-30 minutes.

Let me know if you guys are down for it! I’m gathering data today and on Monday :smiley:

@RonP @Cobalt @Cornel

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I have time today as i said, otherwise it will be the first of august to do it :slight_smile:

I do not mind having my name in it, so if you can or want. Go ahead. You got my permission.

Best to do it is online for me, either Skype or Zoom.

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It was a nice phone call :slight_smile:
Good luck with the report!

Dan wordt het voor mij even kijken wanneer mij het beste uitkomt. Lijkt mij namelijk wel erg leuk.

If you still need more voices, I’m ready to help :wink:
Do I need to write an email to say I’m interested? Or is this enough?

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Sounds great @Frisoke! You can send me your email address through a DM. So I can send you an invitation through email :smiley:

@Fergus Hmm it does not allow me to send you a dm. My email address is: friso.alenus@gmail.com . I would prefer to call on Monday, in both dutch or english is fine.

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Okay perfect. I’ll send you an email :smiley:

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Hi @Fergus sorry i’m not gonna make it this week, maybe next time I would love to help😉

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I could make some time next Friday (30/07), if that’s not too late for your schedule? :relaxed:

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Hoi @Fergus mij mag je op zich ook wel bellen. Zolang zoals @Cobalt zei; wij een leuk presentje mogen ontvangen. :+1::rofl:

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Thanks guys! We have already enough input from our community members for this data report. Next time you guys are more than welcome @Cornel @RS27 and @RonP to participate :smiley:

It was so much to e-meet some of our community members and I really hope that we will meet each other soon in real life! :pray:t5: :sunglasses:

I’ll let you guys know when the data report is ready :rocket:


@Fergus thanks for the invitation! Can’t wait to see the results :slight_smile:

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Bedankt voor de uitnodiging!

Ben heel benieuwd naar de resultaten.