We’ve added new ETFs! 🆕

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

You guys have probably already seen it but we’ve added new ETFs!

Here’s a list of ETFs that are now available for :netherlands: & :belgium: BUX Zero users:

  • European Real Estate Dividend ETF (iShares)
  • Netherlands 25 Index ETF (VanEck)
  • EUR Government Bonds ETF (VanEck)
  • Netherlands AMX Index ETF (VanEck)
  • Global Real Estate ETF (VanEck)`

Only available for :netherlands: BUX Zero users:

  • Water ETF (Lyxor)
  • Europe Small Cap Stocks (SPDR)
  • New Energy ETF (Lyxor)
  • US Small Cap 3000 Index ETF (L&G)
  • Chinese Stocks ETF (Lyxor)
  • EUR Corporate Bonds ETF (Lyxor)
  • Canadian Stocks ETF (Xtrackers)
  • Germany MDAX Index ETF (iShares)
  • Dow Jones 30 Index ETF (Lyxor)
  • Global Gender Equality ETF (Lyxor)
  • Italy 40 Index ETF (Lyxor)

More ETFs are coming, so please stay tuned :sunglasses: We also hope to have more ETFs available for Belgium users in the next batch.

What do you guys think? Do you think investing in ETFs is a good thing? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know :boom:


With ETF’s you actually do not own the underlying assets/equity/stocks, which makes it more tricky when the investment fund company goes broke. The question remains then if the lower avg Yield on ETF’s compensate for this risk.
(NB: when you buy stock, you really become the owner of that stock, ie of that company where you can check more transparant it’s solvency …)
Open for debate

I really like investing in ETF’s. About half of my portfolio consists of ETF’s.
Being a Belgian user i was dissapointed to notice that several ETF’s i had already purchased in the past were suddenly not available to Belgian users anymore. I really hope they will come back soon, and more ETF’s will be made available to us.


Can someone please give me a list of accumulating ETFs available to Belgian residents? Thank you.

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Goed bezig. Nieuwe ETF’s.
Ik zou graag de nieuwe metaverse ETF in de selectie willen hebben.


Bedankt voor het compliment @Pingo! Staat genoteerd :white_check_mark:

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