We’ve reached the 1500 BUX Community Forum members! 🎉

Hi everyone :wave:t5:

This is a pretty huge milestone, to say the least, so here’s a big thank you from us to everyone that participates and contributes something to our community!

As you guys might know we started this Community Forum in March this year with just a couple of fanatic BUX Zero users.

I’m extremely happy to see that we are still making a lot of progress and that we have new members joining our community every day :pray:t5:

I hope to send you all more BUX Community news soon, so you guys are more up to date on the performance of our BUX Community Forum.

This is just the beginning, and more cool stuff is on the way, so please stay tuned and enjoy this wild ride!

Let’s gooo :rocket:


To the mooooooon! :wink:

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Yes sir! :rocket: :ringer_planet:

Go BUX Go!

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nice job! Keep it going BUX

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Congratulations are in order I imagine!

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