Web interface

Maybe it may help you little but you can run BUX in a virtual machine (Windows).
I am using https://www.bluestacks.com/

It’s heavily promoted as a gaming box, this is nonsense.
Install bux and run the conformation link in chrome to continue.


That’s kinda cool! It says you can run Android apps though… Can you login with different devices on Bux?

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Simultanously? i have…

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Ohh I will check it out.

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Do note that the language settings restore themselves to English on every boot.
It seems a non-persistant setting in the android settings dialog.
Funny though, you’ll get different news pages this way.


nou wanneer

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Hi @barend the team is currently working on the webapp. Once we have set a date we will communicate it with the community :blush:



Is there already know more about this web app. I saw some screens on LinkedIn a few months ago…

Hey @svenhaverbus for now the team are very busy developing web platform. As soon as we have some info to share we’ll make sure to do so in the community. It’s a popular feature request and we’re really looking forward to getting it out there.

I’m really looking forward for the webUI and was wondering if there are any updates? I’m willing to be a beta tester if you are looking for people to test it out.


No updates to share for now. I can only confirm the team are busy working on this project :facepunch:

Year later still no web interface. I personally don’t care about features or anything. The only thing I care about is not opening my mobile device all the time for just checking my balance.

WhatsApp: Scan QR code and get an overview of WhatsApp messenger.

BUX: we want to do it better?

Come on, year later…

Don’t focus on bringing on more countries or Crypto on-board, focus on the user-experience first. After that, get more countries and features.

We’ve been asking this for over a year. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Note that there’s a widget available.
This way instant access to your portfolio.
But this may not solve your issue if you have your phone locked.

Last time i checked your balance… it was negative.

that is great news because we can see beter