What are good ETF's?

In verband met mijn vorige vraag over best new stocks in hetzelfde kader. Welke ETF’s zouden jullie aanbevelen en waarom?

Depends on what you’re looking for. There are many ETF’s that focus on a particular sector (housing, energy, technology, etc). There are also many ETF’s that track the market as a whole (FTSE100, S&P500, etc). Some ETF’s pay dividend, some do not.

If you think a particular sector is going to outperform the general market (as Technology has done the recent time) it might be wise to invest in an ETF that mostly consists of that type of stocks. If you want to play it safe, it might be best to invest in a wider-market ETF. Generally speaking the market is always going up, so you can’t really go wrong with a wide-market ETF.

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I like the Dividend Themed ones. Those are the ones I wanna hoard on the long term. They become a little bit more valuable over time, but mostly because of the dividend payouts…


Pure passive investor go with a really broad world wide etf. For example the vanguard all world, ticker vwrl, is really popular with passive investors in europe. In this way you follow the market as a whole. Put something in every month, forget it and let compound interest do its thing.

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The EU Dividend ETF (iShares) has been on a steady (more or less) 9% rise over the last three months. Quite happy with that one.

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Hi everyone,

I am Jens, Chief of Staff at BUX. Thanks for your taken part in the new BUX community! Really appreciate it.

Maybe interesting to note, we have just added 5 more ETFs:

|IE00B3RBWM25| Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF
|IE00B0M63177| iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD Dist
|IE0008471009| iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF EUR Dist

Over the coming months, you will see more ETFs being added to BUX Zero, so stay tuned!



Hello @jensBUX

Via the app, I have requested the ARK Invest ETF’s multiple times now. Untill now I haven’t gotten an answer. Could you inform me about the status?

ARK Invest ETFs are unfortunately not UCITS. UCITS is a designation that ensures that your ETF conforms to European Union regulations designed to protect the general public from unsuitable investment vehicles. As BUX, we only offer UCITS ETFs as these ETFs fulfil specific client safety standards.


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Besides what good ETF’s are, I am curious about two things:

  1. Do you guys buy ETF’s no matter the timing (like once a month), or do you follow charts/technical analysis for an entry?

  2. Do you ever sell ETF’s or do you consider them long term HODL :wink: ?


Hi Mikkel!

Personally i have some ETF’s but due to my small price range they are not the bigger ones so to speak. I am in it for the longterm and i only look for ETF’s which interest me. Like technical for example.

Every time i invest more on the app i try to look more at ETF’s lately. Even though the dividend is not huge. It is still fun :wink:

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Yeah, same here. I use ETF’s ase a base investment and do not intend to sell them.

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