What are your top 3 stocks/cryptos to watch in 2022?

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Before we start this topic I want to thank everyone for the ongoing support in building this BUX Community together. 2021 was an incredible year for us and a year that we’ve started building up this BUX Community Forum from scratch. I’m wishing everyone all the best for the coming year of 2022! :raised_hands:t4:

Soon you all will be able to manage all your investments from one app. Stocks, ETFs, crypto - we are going to have it all! :rocket:

Looking forward to this I was wondering what are your top 3 stocks to watch in 2022? Are there any companies that you are interested in? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In case your strategy doesn’t consist of stocks, are there any cryptocurrencies you are looking at instead?

Let’s share some stocks and/or cryptos in the comments! :brown_heart:



Number 1 Is of course, The Bux token, and the Bux company!! :partying_face:

As for the 2 others,

I’m personally really interested if the absolutely amazing growth and innovation of Nvidia will continue.

And I’m still rooting for Ethereum to flip BTC in market cap finally (Maybe with the hype / succes of Eth2.0)! :grin:

Really interested in what those 3 will do this year! (And a lot more stocks and cryptos, but I’ll save that for the “What are your top 20 stocks/cryptos to watch” :joy:)

And I want to thank you as well for this great community in the last year! I found it because of my interest in the bux token, and it has been a blast to discuss with the people here about stocks, cryptos, etc!


My portfolio currently consists of BUX Tokens only :laughing:

If I had to diversify, I’d add Bitcoin and Ethereum as relatively safe investments.

If I had to buy stocks, I’d probably buy BUX stocks.


Well, I’m keeping an eye on 3 over-valued stocks that I will pick up if a correction happens:

Apple, Microsoft and Costco.

In the meantime I will keep putting the dividends I receive into stocks which are currently still undervalued due to market sentiments, like VICI, Organon, Viatris, Merck (US one) and Intel.


3 new companies to watch

Straumann holding

3 companies to watch in wallet


3 crypto’s

Crypto’s are scam


It’s a bit dishonest to call all crypto’s a scam, isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

Please do your research before making statements like that (And no, looking at articles about dogecoin and all the other dog tokens that rise and fall in price is not research). Just like pro crypto users should do their research before throwing in their money.

On the internet you can find many scams, this does not mean that ‘the internet is a scam’. Same goes for crypto. Look at projects individually.

Just because you or I do not understand something, does not mean there is no value in it. Its easy to call something you don’t understand a scam.

That being said, If you do not understand something, it is a smart idea to NOT invest in it! (We cant do research about everything in the world) But lets not call a whole space where MANY amazingly talented and smart programmers are working on a scam, its disrespectful to many people


Top 3 shares I like

2 APPLE if they dip


No Samsung in Bux 0 :pensive:


Soooo 2022…

Will we get a more peaceful year? Who knows…

My prediction for 2022, will be that inflationary safer companies will outperform the others, that chinese stocks will make a slight rebound from very deep lows, small cap will outperform large cap and value stocks will outperform growth stocks.

My favorite value stocks coming into the new year.

  • Viatris $VTRS (thanks to Jpeters for putting it on the radar!, Healthcare)

  • VICI Properties $VICI (REIT Real estate investment trust)

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance $WBA (Pharmacy chain)

My favorite growth stocks coming into the new year.

  • Alibaba $BABA (E-commerce + cloud computing)

  • Kulicke & Soffa Industries $KLIC (Semiconductor equipment + micro and mini led display)

  • Corsair gaming $CRSR (gaming & streaming equipments)

Keep in mind my growth stocks could be considered value stocks at the current valuations.

Considerable mentions: Daqo New Energy $DQ (solar materials), Himax $HIMX(Display chips), Prosus holding, Fidelity National Financial $FNF and ofcourse the Bux Token (best crypto in the world).

Goodluck to everyone in picking the right stocks this year! :cool_doge_gif:

Will small caps outperform large caps?
  • Yes!
  • No!

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Unfortunately not, but I use 2 brokers. BUX ofcourse. My main broker. And trading 212. Also commission free and they have the English and swiss exchange aswel. So I use 212 as an option for stocks or etf’s which are not on BUX