What is your (current) strategy? 🤔

Since we still have to deal with very choppy markets, the ECB and the Fed raising interest rates, and high inflation rates globally. Many stocks and ETFs dropped significantly in price.

The S&P 500 is still down almost 18% year-to-date. Something that didn’t happen in the last couple of years when most BUX Community Forum members started their investing journey.

So my question is despite all the negative news what is your current strategy? Are you currently buying in into more companies? Do you wait till the market drops even further? Or are you selling out of most of your positions?

Let’s discuss! :brown_heart:


My mainly strategy is too buy as much as possible in the stocks I wanted. I bought these days Nike, Aalberts, Engie, DHL, NN group and many more!

Why? Because these stocks are dividend stocks so the more I buy the more I will get in return (eventually) :heart_eyes::fire:


Hold on to everything i got a be happy again in December :slight_smile:


Long and strong!

Held on to most of my stocks (majority defensive plays), and adding where valuations become a bit more down to earth.

Two stocks I sold for profit a few months ago and will probably buy these again in the near term. Just need them to go down just that little bit more. :innocent:

Still holding around 10% cash right now, but don’t want to spend it all too soon.


I’m always buying companies that have dropped due to the market dropping or through (misguided) investor sentiment.

If a recession were to come along, I will be adding companies that I do not own yet but want to own, or if that is not worth it I’ll add to my existing holdings.

Negative news is great because it means that the vast majority of (inexperienced) investors will sell their quality holdings causing discount for the investors that know how to do research and bargain hunt.
That is one of the nice things about investing becoming more and more retail, more and more investors that are inclined to sell at the smallest bump in the market.


I keep dollar cost average. Every few weeks some money. Mostly in ETFs S&P, world market, Aex.

And some nice companies like Microsoft or Coca cola. Blue chips.

Now I also invested in ABN Amro. Which pays a great dividend. I’m secretly hoping it will get taken over. I heard there are interested parties.

Now I can’t help myself to invest in some riskier growth stocks.

Some stocks I found in Cathy Woods portfolio.

Iridium, Kratos, Rivian, Nio, teladoc

Hoping she knows what she is doing :grinning:
I do think so by the way.


It is very simple: Buy profitable companies in the dip.


Disagree, this means don’t value a company…. If it dips and it makes profit it’s a good deal… if it was overvalued… it’s a fair dip and maybe it deserves to dip more…. Like tesla… it’s 40% off but it still deserves a bigger dip

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Big balls to trust Cathy….

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Indeed, if you want to buy the companies you already own at a higher price then you surely want to buy them with a discount… (unless fundamentals chance ofc)

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