What percentage of your wealth do you invest with?

What are your expenses? How much money are you investing with? Do you deposit weekly or monthly? Or do you invest with a fixed amount with which you buy and sell shares?


Hmmmmmm, I’m not sure how many people will give you insight into their actual expenses. However, I can tell you that I try to invest the same amount each month. Some months it’s different, due to bonuses and such, but mostly it’s the same amount. I try to stick to my golden rule that I must always have enough money on my savings account to fullfil my future financial obligations in the coming 12 months, plus 10% for unforeseen expenses. A financial buffer, so to say. Think of future financial obligations or expenses like car maintenance, upkeep of your house, saving for a holiday, buying new clothes, or buying new household appliances when something breaks.
The rest of the money I don’t need immediately (in the coming 12 months), and as such I can invest it for a longer period of time.

Hope this helps.

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Hey guys, please do not share absolute numbers of how much you spend on what. Relative terms (percentages) is fine :slight_smile:


About what is left, as a student in absolute numbers it aint much but in percentage it sounds better, for me it is 5% - 10% based on how well my month was.

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My rule is never enough that if it all turns to dust I’m not kicked out of the game.

I am also very risk-averse that’s why I invested 100% of my free capital into buying as many BUX tokens as possible. I couldn’t help it! They were just “so cheap” :smirk:


Generally I invest 40% of my income every month but I also have a buffer to last me 6-12 months in case I were to lose my job or something.

That being said, currently we are doing a huge and costly renovation to our house we bought last year, so I’m only investing the dividends I earn each month as the 40% going into the renovation at the moment.

I usually put 10-15% of my income. It doesn’t represent a lot but i feel like it is as a student.
I stopped playing poker a year ago and I can’t tell how much I saved without gambling and games :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: