What would you choose

Both the US Merck and Bayer are undervalued. (I own Merck)

Abbvie and Pfizer are expensive at the moment (own both)

Sanofi is French so you’ll pay a ton of dividend tax on it (30%+ or something)
Novartis is Swiss, so again a ton of dividend tax.

Either Bayer or Merck, issue with Bayer is you pay German dividend tax which you have to ask back manually with a lot of paperwork at the end of the year. The US Merck automatically only deducts 15% as per tax treaty.


Agree, Abbvie and Pfizer are to pricey. I chose bayer also because of their great monopoly position in their crop science division. They had their Q1 report today. Bayer is really recovering from their Monsanto lawsuits. 3,2 B net income… its really a bargain to me


I chose Other for Bristol Myers Squibb. One of my best performers, +46% at the moment.
I do also own Merck and this one is currently up 25%. Happy with both. Though have to add I started both positions in late 2021, and in hindsight bought them at a very good time, near their lows before they shot up.


Abbvie & Bayer for sure


Another what would you choose edition… this time energy commodity companies

  • Enbridge
  • EDF
  • RWE
  • Iberdrola
  • E.on
  • Engie
  • Uniper
  • Other

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Let me know what you would choose and why