What's your favorite and worse stock?


I have a question, what’s currently your favorite and worse stock?

Mine favorite stock is NVIDIA with currently +30%
Worse stock is Kulicke and Soffa Industries -7.5%

*edit, whoops totally forgot that I sold NIO with -35% :rofl:. Never gonna buy a NIO car that’s for sure.


Oh this is fun! The first and worst is Avenir Telecom with a stunning -24,40%> Don’t buy the stock, it is slowly bleeding out.

The best right now is Shell with +17,24%>

A bit lower right now but still going good is ING with +10%


I’ll tell you which is my favorite and worse in terms of performance!

Nvidia +72%
Pinterest -40%

Still having confidence in both companies, so I’ll definitely be holding for the coming years! :grin:


Wow +70% awesome job!


Ye its doing amazing, still a bit salty I sold it when covid hit though haha! Else It would’ve been +400% by now! :sweat_smile:

I learned my lesson, Holding for the coming 5-10 years! (of course if the companies themselves don’t do anything crazy)


Waarom Pinterest?


Hi, Nice topic!

My best is Pepsico +25%
My worst is TUI -35%

I believe they both will grow much more then they are now, so i am happy!


Just a question, not that it is a bad company or something. But I’m just curious :slight_smile:


Personally, I really think they fill in a void in the searching space. (its so much better than google search imo). They have really advanced searching algorithms and even recognizing technology, pretty next level stuff.

And they are also starting to dabble into short video format (like tiktok). While this is not yet monetized, I see huge potential in that (If I remember correctly, they first want to make it better / more used before advertising opens).

And the average $ spend per user on ads is growing as well (still is a lot smaller than facebook, from the top of my head around 6-7 times less, so a lot of growth potential there).

That being said, a social media platform lives or dies by its monthly active users, which was disappointing in Q2, which is why it fell so hard. But you can also say its a correction for the ridiculous X7 in the one year before (went from 12 to 85 back to 50) :sweat_smile:

This is why I think its a long term stock. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock dropped another 25% in Q3 or boosted back up 25%. But I do have faith in the long term existence of this unique social media platform!


Sorry for the massively long answer haha! :sweat_smile:


My worst performer is also Avenir Telecom at a whopping -42%. Thank god it’s the smallest of all my positions and was more a bit of a gamble. At this point it’s so far down I’m not even selling anymore, I’ll just believe in miracles for that one. :joy:

My best performing stocks are currently ChargePoint (+16%) and Ahold Delhaize (+10%). Still very annoyed that I sold Nvidia and Coinbase a few months ago with modest profits; they’ve both done phenomenally since then.

So I also made the rookie mistake of selling too early to lock in profits during times of volatility. I’ve rebalanced my portfolio after a short break. From now on I’ll be taking a more passive approach and just buy and hold, focusing more on ETFs and dividend stocks, and add to existing positions. I’m very heavy on consumer staples. They’re not as exciting as tech stocks, but I think I will feel more comfortable with this strategy personally.


We both know the pain of selling to early haha! Well at least Its good we learned from it! I wont be selling anything as long as the company is still fundamentally good (and if I don’t need it of course).

As for coinbase, Im still thinking about it, but for now I prefer it to go directly into Bitcoin / Ethereum (And $BUX :grin:), instead of coinbase. Not sure if it really matters, as BTC price and Coinbase stock feel pretty intertwined.


Very true about Coinbase moving pretty much along with Bitcoin. Still the whole crypto world feels a bit too much up and down for me to feel relaxed (although recently it is indeed mostly up lol…)

I don’t think I’ll venture into that world again anytime soon. Maybe it’s a mistake in the long term, or maybe not. :man_shrugging:t2:


I understand! If you ever dabble in again, I recommend doing it with only 5% or something of your total portfolio. That’s what I did at least (now that 5% is 50% of my portfolio thanks to the last 3 years of crypto booms, but hey, tomorow it might be 5% again! :sweat_smile:).

And maybe its best that you just don’t look at it for a year or two (at least if you are in the two ‘safest’ ones BTC and ETH).

But most importantly, dont go in if you cant 100% emotionally detach yourself from the money. (I’ve seen my money go :10 and X10 in the crypto space haha).

In the end its High risk, High reward.


Good point. I’m going to be doing the same with my stocks too. I’ll try to check my portfolio maybe maximum once a week or less if I can. Out of sight, out of mind, and no more impulse buys/sells. And just let it grow and add a bit of stocks maybe once every month or two.


Fun topic!

At the moment Crowdstrike is my biggest gainer +40%. Second place I got Daqo New Energy and Plug Power both at +22%.

My biggest losers are Alibaba and Corsair gaming both at -12%.

Thursday Daqo New Energy reports earnings, I expect a big surprise to the upside since polysilicon prices are skyrocketing. So maybe it can steal the first spot from Crowdstrike! We will see.

Chinese stocks have been in a massive sell off but are slowly recovering again. Averaged down my position in Alibaba (Daqo aswell) and now just waiting for it to move back up. As you can see Daqo recovered very well already.

Lately the gaming sector is also selling off. Look at names like Logitech and Razor, down 40-50%. But in the long term I think their growth will continue and no worries whatsoever that Corsair will be one of the leading companies.

Don’t sell to early guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Diamond hands needed for investing!

@TripleD I made a video about KLIC if you want to check it out :wink:



I will check your video. :sunglasses:


Massive answer, but very well explained.

I think it is an correction if you look at there current status, because it was to much in to little time. Pinterest is always looking for something good and they will reach there goal if they make it happen,what they say.

I hope they will grow!


Nice video! @Frisoke , I watch all your videos and they are amazing and well explained. I bought KLIC for my self, because of your videos and all the info you gave me!



Interesting topic indeed!

My best positions have seen an amazing profit in the past months:
Iron Mountain +76%
AMD +65%
Microsoft +55%

But then there is also the less good news
Alibaba -22,6%
Corsair Gaming -8,2%
Mithra -9,6%
Prosus -9%

I have been dollar cost averaging these last ones to decrease my average buy price, since I still believe in those companies. Hopefully the sentiment will turn around for them in the long term