Who wants to star in our new TV Commercial? 🤩

—Due to corona this invite is for Dutch residents only—

How about a role in our new TV Commercial? All you have to do is be yourself, and then maybe this summer you’ll be yelling “Hey that’s me!” to your friends and the TV screen.

Here’s the plan: we’ll be shooting our new commercial on either the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of June. So save those dates. We’ll let you know which day it will be a.s.a.p. We believe nothing would be more awesome than using our very own community members for this shoot.

It’s all non-speaking roles, so you don’t have to memorize a script in front of the mirror. Just show up for a few hours, be yourself and that’s it!

We’ll reimburse travel costs you’ve made (we’re shooting in Amsterdam) and you’ll also receive a BUX goodie bag. Oh, and did we say you’ll be on tv? :slight_smile:

Interested? Send me Fergus, Head of Community an email (fergus.knies@getbux.com) with a short introduction and attach a picture of yourself. Tell us who you are and where you’re from.

That’s it! We hope to see you in June!


Sounds great. Can I come dressed as a Power Ranger?

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Hmm, that’s probably going to be an issue with copyright… but you are very welcome to join our commercial @Kieran! :grin:

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Ik had graag gewild maar moet helaas alle 3 de dagen gewoon werken.

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Jammer @Cornel, hopelijk zien we je bij onze volgende commercial! :wink:

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Zijn Belgen niet welkom? :slight_smile:

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Is denk ik wel mogelijk! Kan je mij een mail sturen @Karim dan kunnen we even kijken wat we kunnen regelen! :smiley:

Top, heb je net een mailtje gestuurd :wink:

What time will it be? Can I come when I am from Slovakia? But I live near Amsterdam.

Hi @Lu85, yes for sure! can you send me an email?

And what is your email?


Hi @Fergus , more news about the commercial? :slight_smile:


I spotted you :star_struck: :eyes: Did you see the post that @Cornel tagged you in?


I havé just seen It! I’m famous :joy::joy::joy:

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