Why not US ETF’s

Could it be possible to also add US ETF’s? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Which ones would you like to see on BUX Zero @svenhaverbus? :sunglasses:

Arkk investment etf, vanguard growth etf

Hi @Yvar and @Svenhaverbus,

Just jumping in here to give a quick explanation on why we are not able to offer certain US ETFs. For an ETF to be distributed throughout Europe, it needs to meet the requirements of UCITS (Undertakings Collective Investment Transferable Securities). UCITS is a regulatory framework developed by the European Commission that creates and maintains a ‘harmonized regime throughout Europe for the management and sales of Mutual Funds’. Unfortunately some foreign ETFs do not meet the UCITS criteria, such as the Arkk Invest ETFs. This means BUX cannot offer them, and most likely other European brokers can’t either.

However, we do try to find alternatives to the ETFs that are not UCITS. For example, we recently added a number of thematic ETFs from Rize ETFs (sustainable food, digital education and cyber security). A couple of other cool thematic ETFs are in the works, so stay tuned!

I hope this helps.