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I’m saddened and my disappointment is unmeasurable. (That is a link)


Well Antony - here goes mate. You know my take is not exactly supportive here haha, but you said anything you think, so I would like to present and explain my thoughts. This doesn’t mean I am not supportive of anyone who invests in XRP. I just think XRP won’t thrive as much as other projects out there and I want to shed some light on it from my perspective, potentially convincing people to invest in other projects instead.

XRP - NOT a fan. Never have been, and never will be. Here’s a brief explanation why.

XRP’s goal
XRP’s goal is to become a global settlement layer. In order for it to become a global settlement layer, it basically has to replace the USD as the global reserve currency. I think this goal is way out of touch with reality and absolutely impossible for them to achieve. It took the USD more than 100 years of global adoption to even obtain somewhat of a global currency reserve status, and it is not even used by every person in the world yet. This was the most dominantly used currency globally with real demand, that had full governmental and legal support frameworks and a clear central authority designed to keep it stable and trustworthy. XRP has NONE of that. Saying that XRP will be the next global reserve currency is like saying that you will become president of the universe. It’s a typical American dream, and nothing more than that. Just a dream. XRP has no fundamental grounds whatsoever to even come close to qualify as a global reserve currency. There is only just the dream, and Ripple is fighting hard to keep the dream alive.

XRP as a product
Ripple aggressively markets XRP to the public and to businesses, because everybody needs to use it as a global settlement currency if it wants to function as one. But the truth is that there is no organic demand at all. Businesses don’t want it because the settlement network isn’t used by any of their partners. The XRP settlement technology is not actually groundbreaking and easy to replicate… The XRP currency is way too volatile to keep on any balance sheet. You can’t actually BUY a lot of things with XRP. There is no demand, only retail speculation derived from their aggressive marketing strategies that are consciously targeting these retail investors. This is now also increasing regulatory scrutiny, scaring merchants, partners and exchanges away even more. Ripple is selling a dream to the public, not an actual product. A good product sells itself. XRP does not, and that’s why it continuously needs more and more marketing to stay alive.

XRP as an organisation
This one actually bothers me the most, because it illustrates how ignorant XRP supporters are regarding this whole financial revolution. In the process of building XRP, the founders made sure to enrich themselves to absolutely outrageous proportions. This is exactly what the decentralized finance revolution (aka Bitcoin, crypto in general) is supposed to fight. Bitcoin was initially designed to be a money system that wasn’t controlled by a centralized authority so it couldn’t be abused to work in favor of only a small number of people. XRP is a permissioned blockchain which means it has a centralized authority (Ripple) and the Ripple executives used that power to their favor by simply awarding themselves with billions of XRP. They then proceeded to push the XRP dream onto retail investors by means of more aggressive marketing, and in the meantime they dumped their own XRP on these new investors, getting hilariously rich in the process. You want to know the net worth of some current and old Ripple executives/founders? Jed McCaleb net worth: $20 billion. Chris Larsen? $59 billion. Brad Garlinghouse? $10 billion. And they are not even trying to hide it. They are dumping XRP on the market on a daily basis and in plain sight. Their greedy intentions are so obvious, yet the XRP zombie army doesn’t see or care and they continue to funnel their money to these billionaires. I often wonder if they knowingly donate it or if they just don’t get it. Decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies are supposed to lay the groundwork for a financial ecosystem where powers are distributed equally, and not where a small number of people get to feed off the rest. XRP is everything that the cryptocurrency revolution stands against, and that is what typically makes it such a hated project by many.

Anyway - happy to hear other thoughts!


Hey Mr Jimi!

I think the points you make are great - and something people who invest in XRP should read.

My first buy of XRP was May 2017 - just after the first major pump from 0.006 to 0.3. I manage to buy around 0.15 or so and started to accumulate from there. My target of $1 for end of year.
What drew me to the coin is the actual utility of XRP. Being able to send money around the world quickly / cheap is something that the world needs and especially at the time we had nothing like that. For example even me paying a deposit to a photographer in my homeland Cyprus cost me nearly 10% of the amount I wanted to send - and I had to wait around 4 days for confirmation from the other side that it was received.

For me the mission from the Ripple team was clear. The coin can scale hugely and if you back track and watch some early modern investor videos it was great to see the detail he went into.

It’s crazy that the escrow has turned to a negative point. The owners always had a lot of XRP. For me I don’t see them selling as any wrong doing. They sold around 15% of their actual holdings whilst making a small drop in the market. The escrow of ripples holdings was actually a huge positive point in 2017. The big issue originally was that ripple owned all these coins and people were scared they would dump everything at any given time. Instead they locked it up and only release a portion each month. Which is still a huge amount don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately this became a meme type event. Even after going parabolic in December 17 the price dropped with the crypto market and people blame ripple for selling each month. The fact was they was selling before - brad even came out and said at the time the company wouldn’t be profitable without XRP. But also that this is their golden nugget as such. Yes they cashed in for business - but they also gave a lot to companies are part of business plans - for me this is not bad. If you want another business to use your product you give them a taste first and entice them. If something is so good after you try it you shouldn’t want to go back to your old ways.

My frustration with Ripple is the passive aggressive manor which they treat SEC with before the case. Instead of being pro active I feel they have been reactive. Yes they spent time with SEC etc for years and had no solid guidance. Yes we seen them call them out on TV and interviews and say they needed clarity for their business to be able to take off in USA. But why not just proactive - take them to court - force them to give clear judgment - force them to tell retailers if this is safe to trade or not. The company is regulated by many US laws so how it has come to this is crazy.

At such a weird time - just at the start of a new crypto bull run - almost too perfect.

I see many crypto people hate of XRP because of how much Ripple owns. But this doesn’t sit well and is very hypocritical of almost all projects. If you go across the scale and look at other projects - litecoin - link - ADA and many many many more the founders or majority stake of the coin has either sold off a ton at peak prices or is a huge whale with no escrow against their ties. Hell, ADA doesn’t even have any function yet pumps like crazy which is fair play but wtf?

Ripple wants to solve a real issue - meanwhile yes I believe the upper management is greedy as most CEO and boards are - the mission is still their I believe. David Schwartz even said on Twitter maybe the top people had too much greed in some of his tweets - but is still pushing - I think they issue is whether the coin is a security or not. Once that is cleared we can call bull**** on ripples objectives.

If after the SEC case is finished - XRP is not a security and we still see no real solid use then I will sell my XRP.

If XRP is declared a security then I will be interested in Ripples response also. As say Celsius which has been deemed a security still thrives I wonder if XRP will also do so.

I wonder if the ripple board stayed anonymous would they get so much hate? Or is the main issue that we can put faces to the team and almost green faced that the coin and company have became so powerful despite so many bitcoin maximalists and crypto gurus claiming it’s going to die.

I think a lot of hate comes to the point that Ripple works with banks - bitcoin was originated as anti bank. But open your eyes and see who is actually projecting the price of bitcoin. It’s not us little guys it’s the banks and hedgefunds. Which will always be the way. Yes retailers will get some money and make some millions along the way - but we aren’t the ones buying the dip with $1 billion.

I think many people who see this case against XRP and ripple should see it as an attack on crypto as a whole. Whatever comes of this case will be used in the future of regulation of crypto I presume. So a lot of founders or majority holders could be getting notices sent to them - the action doesn’t start and finish with ripple.

My question is also why do entities such as Charlie Lee / Litecoin not get this hate? He openly dumped just like Brad on the market - we can name many also - but only short term hate and now the crypto market falls in love with litecoin etc again. Ethereum stupidly high gas fees - extremely flawed initial design - but everyone says ethereum is going to $10,000 - but say even in 2017 I was called moon boy and XRP cheerleader for even expecting XRP to hit $1 before it did?
The hate against me on BUX a lot of time just because I believe in XRP is insane as if I am a ripple executive. It’s really interesting the crypto market almost has a majority cult that just hate Ripple / XRP / and any one who buys it. But for example pre SEC filing - crypto obtain and many people who ‘hate’ it where shilling it saying it’ll pump - but then when SEC case hits laugh at it and call it to 0 etc. It’s just like they are so green eyed to see a coin who actually tries to involve the banks succeed they are being so naive to what they actually are holding themselves.

I ramble a lot. I apologise if a lot makes no sense - I haven’t proof read.

But in conclusion -
XRP I believe is a great coin - something with the right guidance actually has real use and can make a huge change amongst payment across the world and even local scale.
Ripple - tried to help prove they didn’t want to sell all XRP in one go with escrow - shot themselves in the foot as it looks like they are basically bragging how big their chest is but there was good intentions behind it. CEO sold some assets as I think anyone in his position would - he still holds a ton of XRP - same way I believe in BUX coin but I sell some to see some money and the way a lot of bitcoin owners will sell to pay for mansions / lambo etc because at the end of the day we all want a nice life. He still has more XRP than majority of people.
SEC - very bad timing dragged it out - ripple could have been more aggressive in the mean time but if they carry the case well I think they will win. I will be pretty shocked if XRP is deemed a security given how FSA in Japan and FCA in U.K. have ruled.
I think ripple will be given a fine but brad will get off with nothing.

US exchanges and liquidity providers even in EU as we seen with BUX should be ashamed of themselves for halting XRP trading - my 2 cents - especially coinbase who initially took so long to list XRP due to waiting legal clearance. I think the SEC case has been blown up to huge proportions now where we will see Ripple either cease trading or prosper to great things and XRP push over $10.
Time will tell - opinions don’t really matter at this point - it’s a waiting game with SEC having the ball in their court.

Thanks for reading - sorry this has no structure and a complete mess. Have a lovely day / evening


I think as we spoke in Amsterdam a couple years back - this is either going to genuinely be an insane story regarding XRP or we will find out this is one of the biggest coups ever.
Hopefully for me it’s the first point.


Bitcoin is for the people. XRP is for banks.
I like both and I am holding both.