You can only choose one company to start investing in! 🤔

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Imagine, you are going to invest in stocks for the upcoming 10 years. The only thing is that you only have the option to pick one stock that you can invest in every month (sounds boring right? haha).

Which stock would you like to invest in for the upcoming 10 years if you could only choose one company?

Let’s discuss this in the comments :speech_balloon:


If I could only choose one company, it will be a pretty defensive company that pays out some dividend. That’s why I would choose for Intel. I don’t see the company disappear in the next 10 years. They have a good valuation and pay out a nice dividend.


Man… This is such a hard question, I had to think about it for a hour haha!

If I only could pick one stock, I think I would put my money and trust in Netflix.

I personally feel they have by far the best streaming service of all paid streaming platforms. So in terms of competition, they are far ahead imo.

In terms of growth for 10 years, I see a few massive + points for Netflix in the coming years:

  • I was shocked to know that so many people still use cable television in the west, and I feel this will only go down and down in the coming 10 years, as streaming will go up and up.
  • India is a potential massive player that will most likely be growing A LOT in the coming 10 years. And Netflix is dominating it there (together with amazon prime).
  • It is looking to diversify in other directions (like gaming). This is something that might have a slow start, but could become a main sector given 10 years is a long period.

All of this and more is of course also a reason why Netflix’s P/E is 65, But I still believe it will grow even more in the coming 10 years.

Just a fundamentally solid company in a massively growing market.


Ik zal waarschijnlijk voor PepsiCo of coca cola gaan.

Ze hebben allebei een prima dividend en het zijn defensieve aandelen.


That’s a hard but also easy question! Ofcourse our famous RDS (a) big business now and they will continue that in the future wether it is oil gas wind solar hydro energy


My first intentions were ABN Amro, ING and Shell.
But they are big companies and i think they can survive a blast. The fact is that all are on the watchlist these years because of their deeds to nature and lands.

They will survive a blast but to much negativity can once take a turn downsouth quite hard. They all need to improve on some items before i put my money on them for such a long period of time.

What is left is looking for something rather steady and with dividends aswell. My vote then goes to Unilever, it has been rather steady the last few years and their dividend is on a long term base quite nice. Also their branches are so big, when one branch dies they have a lot to rely on, also the world needs basic needs product more than a bank or oil. So my answer for now would be Unilever.


I think there are many good ones.

A few criteria come to mind:

  1. At least 2.5% dividend that has been payed every single year for at least 50 years even in bad times. (to pay for inflation)
  2. Something that has had a positive balance every single year for at least 50 years even in bad times.
  3. Something that people wanted or needed at least 100 years ago and stil need today, that shows you it isn’t a temporary thing.
  4. a stock that goes up the same amount as that the index it is a member of does or more.

I think that would be my criteria :wink:

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Looking at the criteria it should be possible to name a stock :stuck_out_tongue: .

Got one in mind?

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Great question, I was thinking about a lot of companies but i think that only one makes sense and that is Tesla. I think that Tesla is almost a growth ETF on it’s own because of their cars, solar, self-driving software, battery tech, charging network and in the future hopefully also their robotaxi’s. So no boring dividend here but growth.

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Set and forget stonks ? Microstrategy, HUT 8, Marathon or the upcoming BTC ETF basket. Any of those would set you up for long term succes imho

Not as profitable as just straight unloading into BTC and yield farm via Hodlnaut, Ledn or Celsius Network. Would almost act like a bond with their current interest rates running between 6.1-7.6 APY.

To add to this - Willy Woo on Twitter explains ETF vs straight BTC purchase much better than me

“If a Bitcoin futures ETF is approved, IMO it will be an expensive way to hold BTC.

The ETF effectively outsources the holding of BTC to hedge funds through a chain of profit incentives.


ETF longs futures.

Futures gets more expensive relative to spot.

Hedge funds sells futures while buying spot (to net the cash and carry profit).

Hedge funds effectively holds spot BTC by proxy for the ETF. The fee being their cash and carry yield (10%+ annualised).”

Sorry not sorry if I derailed your thread.


Ok, here’s another take.

Only one stock ? Marathon Digital

$MARA $HUT $BITF - those three mining companies could have an even larger compound annual growth rate than bitcoin judging from historical price movement. As stocks there’s more risk involved than the asset bitcoin so allocate a smaller percentage if you are risk averse. Evaluate every year whether these companies accumulate bitcoin instead of selling. Otherwise ditch them.

My ideal portfolio - 10% max allocated to these 3 mining stocks at the moment. Maybe some precious metals and real estate mixed in but otherwise heavily skewed toward holding bitcoin long term, watch on chain analysis when FOMO sets in around 200K-400K range somewhere next year or 2023 then take some profit, max 15% and reallocate I can’t be bothered to trade much. Time in the market trumps timing the market.

A good source is British HODL on Telegram

I hope this post ages well.