Your favorite dividend stocks?

Hi all!

What are some of your favorite dividend stocks?
Might be cool to gather everyones favorites as it could inspire others.



For my monthly dividends I’m currently invested in Realty Income and Stag Industrials. Both REITS with a good record of paying and increasing dividends.
Furthermore I like Altria Group and of course Shell because hup holland hup


‘Total’ also pays a decent dividend. Other than that it’s quite a boring stock though :confused::thinking:


Well, my favourite dividend stocks are those that have a long history of paying dividend uninterrupted and also have a relatively low payout ratio.

Here is a short selection of some of my holdings:
Realty Income and STORE Capital and Gladstone Land Corporation are among the REITS
Southern, Dominion among the utilities
Pfizer en Merck among healthcare
Bank of America and Toronto Dominion among the banks
AT&T in telecom

That being said, it’s very important to pick up companies when the sentiment against them is negative and also when their price drops through no fault of their own (for instance a general market sell-off).

Most of the above companies are now trading at relatively normal or even high valuations again so do your own due diligence before you invest in any of them.


I have two dividend themed ETF’s in BUX and as an individual stock I hold Flow Traders. They will pay 2,50€ per stock dividend this month (in Sept20 it was 4,00€). They earn most of their money when the market is volatile. So I see this stock as a “hedge”, when other stocks are going down due to economic turbulence, this one will go up. And besides dividend stocks, investing in real estate gives me a steady monthly passive income.


Ik hoop dat main street capital in bux komt, ook een maandelijkse dividend betaler.
Exxon mobile is ook een prima dividend aandeel.
Zie veel aandelen die ook in mijn potefolio zitten AT&T, shell, realty income
Al heb ik er ook die ik nog niet hier zie staan, dus een paar om misschien zelf eens te onderzoeken
Walgreen boots, merck, altria, Coca Cola ,
kinder morgan.
Leuk onderwerp wat ik ga blijven volgen voor interessante aandelen :grinning:


Abbvie(health care), JPMorgan(bank), Realty Income (real estate), Coca Cola (consumer) and probably soon again Disney (entertainment). Next to these Apple and Microsoft are good growth + dividend stocks.


Have a look at the following lists.

Unfortunately BUX isn’t (yet) able to offer all of the stocks mentioned in the lists.

I also look for dividend stocks with a positive Graham Number. For you who don’t know him he was Warren Buffet’s mentor.

My shortlist with a positive Graham Number are:
Old Republic International (ORI)
SL Green Realty (SLG)
Principal Financial (PFG)
Telephone and Data Systems (TDS)
Cincinatti Financial (CINF)
Aflac (AFL)

I also use the app Dividend Rising to track the US Stocks I hold and watch. Has a nice calender which shows you Ex-Days and Pay-Days.


In addition to my post earlier here are some European dividend stocks with a positive Graham Number.

Orange (ORAN)
Eutelsat (ETL)
Credit Agricole (CAGR)


My top 3 at this moment.

  1. ASML
  2. ASM international
  3. Nvidia

Chevron, Glencore, IBM, Shell, Ford* all offer dividends around 5%.

Glencore and Shell used to around 10%, Ford dividends are still currently paused.


Coca cola

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