Your favourite sources for stock/company research

Hey guys

I was wondering which sources, outside a company’s own data, you use most often when researching stocks or companies.

Which websites, apps, magazines, podcasts, … do you consider essential in your day-to-day investing activities? Do you pay for any of these via a subscription and is it worth it?

Looking forward to hear which tools you all use!


Investor relation page
Stock events
Yahoo finance


Basically Seeking Alpha, it has professional and amateur analysis of companies.

You can build your portfolio there (you can’t buy stocks obviously but you can create a portfolio) and you’ll get articles/analysis on the companies in your portfolio.

Pretty much the best source of info if you ask me, and accessible.


I often see Seeking Apha being recommend. The price of a premium membership does seem quite high (between 15 and 30 USD / month, depending on whether you pay per month, per year or per three years). But you’d say it’s worth it? @JPeters


Who said anything about premium membership?

It’s absolutely free, you don’t really need the premium stuff at all if you ask me.

Just create an account and make a portfolio.

I don’t pay a dime and I’ve been using it for years.


You don’t need premium, alpha seeking is free !

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Ah okay. A lot of info seemed to be blocked out on the free site (I do check it sometimes). I guess I’ll create an account and look around a bit more!

I also find Simply Wall St kinda nice, mostly because it is aesthetically pleasing for me personally. :slight_smile:


Seeking Alpha is really about the analysis articles written by members (both financial professionals and amateurs), the rest of the metrics is a nice bonus but not really needed.

If you read a number of articles on a company that back up everything with numbers, you get a pretty good picture of a company.
Just make sure you read articles on both sides of the fence, for and against, that way you can make your mind up in a more educated way.

Seeking Alpha is part of my daily routine, spend about an hour or two on it every day, just reading.


When I read articles on Seeking Alpha even when signed in to my free account, I quickly get a pop up saying “You’ve reached your free article limit”. How do you get around this @JPeters ?

Edit: I read somewhere online the limit is 5 articles per month. How do you read articles 2 hours per day on there?


I mostly use Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, YouTube and the investor relations page. But I’m using the premium seeking alpha account shared with my dad. Sometimes I also use Zacks.


I have absolutely no clue at the moment, I am logged in under my account, I don’t pay anything ever but I can read unlimited articles.

Have you got the correct url?


Yup, I’m logged in and upon opening my first article today I immediately get this:



Ah, I googled it and it seems that they changed the rules for (new?) members:
“Effective Jan. 4, 2021, a free user can access 5 articles a month without paying”

If that is the case, then Seeking Alpha for new members is slightly less useful unless you know in advance which companies you are interested in.

As I said, I do not have this limit myself it seems so I can read as much as I want for free.


Ah that would make sense then. Sucks for me, but great for you in any case. Enjoy man :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!